Workshop To Focus On Community Gardening

The  “Growing Together Through Community Gardening” workshop will be the evening of March 14 and all day March 15, at the Dakota Medical Foundation, located at 4141 28th Ave. S., Fargo.

The March 14 program from 7 to 9 p.m. is FREE and features a public forum and Robin Garwood as the main speaker. Garwood has been involved in many aspects of the Homegrown Minneapolis Initiative, which is an initiative to improve the growth, sales, distribution and consumption of fresh, locally grown foods. He has been coordinating efforts to change Minneapolis ordinances on composting, farmers markets, mobile grocery stores and staple food requirements at grocery stores.

The March 15 workshop begins at 8:30 with registration. The fee is $25.  Session topics include:

* Local victory gardeners in World War II and 2014 – This talk explains how gardens helped win World War II, examines the local victory garden movement and encourages people to plant their own victory garden this spring.

* All about soil and garden location – This session will deal with finding a proper garden location, soil testing and preparation, and weed control.

* Growing Together – Growing Together is a community garden organization hosting more than 100 new American families. Participants will learn how the gardens are structured.

* Putting community in the community garden – This session will examine ways to help people understand the importance of the word “community” as it relates to “garden.”

* New Master Gardener Program – Participants will learn about changes to the North Dakota Master Gardener Program.

To register for the March 15 workshop, go to