North Dakota Department Of Health Launches Suicide Prevention Website

The North Dakota Department of Health today announced the launch of a new website designed specifically for information about suicide prevention and other issues associated with suicide.

The new suicide prevention website can be found at The website will display statewide events and resources, as well as community suicide prevention events that may be occurring around the state. It is also designed to be an up-to-date resource for anyone looking for information about how suicide affects North Dakota, current facts and statistics, and educational information to help citizens learn the warning signs of suicide. 

“One of the most difficult aspects of suicide prevention is raising awareness that suicide is preventable,” said Micki Savelkoul, Suicide Prevention Program director with the North Dakota Department of Health. “Suicide is a difficult topic to talk about in general, but if people don’t know where to find factual information most people will shy away from talking about it. That is one of the goals of this website. We need to raise awareness in the state of how to talk to people about suicide and give them the tools to do so.” 

The information included on the website is divided into different categories to help make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. The website provides information for many populations touched by suicide. There are educational resources for the general public, family and friends and also specific populations that may work with people who are suicidal. The website also has resources for those that are often first responders to suicide attempts and completions and those occupations that nationally have higher rates of suicide. 

Some of the resource areas included on the website are:

  • Information for survivors of suicide.
  • Risk factors and warning signs of suicide.
  • Information on bullying and suicide.
  • Information on depression and suicide
  • Information for health-care professionals.
  • Information on elderly adults and suicide.
  • Information on what to do if you are thinking about suicide.
  • Information on national and local resources.
  • Newsroom and events. 

For additional information about the website or the Suicide Prevention Program, contact Micki Savelkoul, Suicide Prevention Program director, North Dakota Department of Health, at 701.328.4580.